CSDN hacker arrested and charged

Late last year china faced one of the biggest leaks of information to date with its Software developer network being hacked and millions of Chinese peoples user accounts was leaked online. The leak resulted in collatoral damage with many other websites and accounts became seized from rouge hackers and people who had obtained other peoples information from the leaked data. Back in February it would seem that the police had arrested a Chinese hacker who so far has only been named by his lastname "zeng". ITs said that zeng was caught after police discovered that most of the leaked data was from late 2010 and that zeng had posted on another forum around the same time that he had hacked the  CSDN and obtained millions of accounts. This is just another example of hackers leaving a trace behind and not thinking correctly which ultimately ends them up sitting on the wrong side of a interrogation table for the cyber crimes they have done. source: Beijing news.

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