CT: Alerted that banks had discovered a problem, Swiss Cleaners investigates and notifies customers of payment card breach that began in 2014

Swiss Cleaners values the relationship it has with its customers and understands the importance of protecting payment card information.  Swiss Cleaners was recently notified that banks had identified a pattern of unauthorized charges on payment cards after those cards were used in Swiss Cleaners stores.  Swiss Cleaners immediately began to investigate and engaged a leading computer security firm to examine its payment system.

Based on the investigation, Swiss Cleaners believes that an unauthorized person was able to install a program on a server in its payment card system that was designed to make a copy of payment card data as it was being routed through Swiss Cleaners’ system to the payment processor.  The program searched for data found in the magnetic stripe on payment cards, which includes the cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and a verification code.  The investigation determined that this incident potentially affected payment cards used at the Swiss Cleaners store located at 35 Windsor Ave, PO Box 825, Vernon, CT 06066 during the period from December 30, 2014 through October 26, 2015, as well as any of Swiss Cleaners’ other stores during the period from December 30, 2014 through October 23, 2015.  The Company’s Swiss Uniform Services were not affected by this incident.

Swiss Cleaners wanted to let its customers know about this incident as soon as it could.  If a customer used a payment card at any of our locations during these time frames, we recommend that they regularly review their payment card statements for unauthorized activity.  Customers should immediately report any unauthorized charges to their financial institution because the major credit card companies have rules that restrict them from requiring cardholders to pay for fraudulent charges that are reported in a timely manner.

To help prevent this from happening again, the Company has been working with the computer security firm to review its security measures, ensure that this issue has been fully remediated, and look for ways to enhance its security measures.  Swiss Cleaners is also working with the credit card companies and processors to provide them with its findings so that the banks that issued cards that may be affected by this incident can be alerted.  When banks receive those alerts, they can conduct heightened monitoring to prevent unauthorized charges.

Swiss Cleaners regrets any inconvenience or concern this may have caused.  If you have questions, please visit www.swisscleaners.com or call (888) 760-4869, Monday – Friday from 9 am – 9 pm EST.

About Swiss Cleaners: Swiss Cleaners is a family owned and operated dry cleaning and laundry business with more than 100 years in the dry cleaning industry.  The Company has eight locations in central Connecticut.

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