CT: Bristol Board of Ed adopts new student data security policy

Susan Corica reports:

The Board of Education has adopted a new policy to protect the privacy of student data, to comply with new state legislation.


Under the new policy, “for any contract that we generate, after Oct. 1 of 2016, we need to have a clause in there that tells us exactly how they store and secure all of our student data,” Moreau said.

The contract will have to include a statement that the student records continue to be the property of the board; a description of the means by which the board, students, their parents or legal guardians, may retain possession and control of that information and a statement that the contractor will not use that information for any purposes other than those the contract authorizes. It will also include a description of the procedures by which a student, parent or legal guardian may review the information and correct any errors; the contractor’s assurance they will take actions to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information and a description of the procedures the contractor will take to notify the student, parent or legal guardian, and the board if the information has been subject to suspected unauthorized access.

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