CT: Pet stores hit by hackers; customer info compromised

Russell Blair reports:

There’s a new method of identity theft for consumers to worry about.

Authorities say a hacker infiltrated the computer system of a pet store with locations at 1167 N. Colony Road and in Branford and stole credit card numbers at the point of sale, before they could be encrypted.

All Pets Club had one cash register at each store compromised by the hacker, according to co-owner Butch Foucault. The hacker breached the stores’ computer system and was able to pick up credit card numbers as the cards were swiped, Foucault said. The computer system encrypts the card numbers once they are entered, but at the point when they are being swiped, the numbers are vulnerable.

Branford Police Capt. Geoffrey Morgan said his department has received close to 100 complaints in the past few months related to fraudulent credit charges and that a significant number were related to the All Pets Club hacking incident.

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