CT radiologist fined, reprimanded after patient data breach

HealthImaging reports the follow-up to a breach previously noted on this blog:

Gerald Micalizzi, MD, a Connecticut radiologist formerly employed by Advanced Mobile Imaging Radiology, has been fined $20,000 after downloading patients’ personal information, according to a Valley Independent Sentinel report.

From Feb. 4, 2010, to March 5, 2010, Micalizzi accessed the records of 957 patients at Griffin Hospital in Derby, Conn., which had contracted with Advanced Mobile Imaging Radiology for imaging work, according to a statement issued by the hospital.

Micalizzi used the passwords of other radiologists, without their permission, to access the hospital’s PACS and download patient information, which he then used to contact patients and tell them he was offering radiology services at another hospital. Some patients then contacted the hospital and asked about the calls from Micalizzi.

Read more on HealthImaging.  The original news report in the Valley Independent Sentinel can be found here.

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