CT: State to offer credit guard for 1099 error

Jesse Buchanan reports:

Rebecca D’Angelo, of Meriden, opened a tax form she received from the state on Saturday only to find someone else’s name, address and Social Security number on the bottom of the page.

“My intention is to cut the bottom of the form and mail it to its rightful owner with a note,” she said Tuesday. “Hopefully it will put that person’s mind at ease because God only knows if someone else has my personal info, or what they will do with it.”

State Department of Labor officials aren’t sure how many in a print batch of 27,000 forms detailing unemployment income for the 2013 tax year might include someone else’s personal information but plan to offer credit protection to everyone in that batch.

“Our priority right now is on helping affected claimants,” said Nancy Steffens, Department of Labor spokeswoman. “We want to act quickly.”

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