Customers’ Personal Information Found In Macy’s Dumpster

Jeff Bernthal reports:

A surprising find outside the downtown St. Louis Macy’s store. Documents containing personal information including social security numbers.

Heather Cole reported on documents blowing in the wind last fall for Missouri Lawyers Weekly. She found open dumpsters outside the downtown Macy’s with papers containing debit card numbers but no names of any customers. Macy’s says those documents did not include any personal information but the company did start using dumpsters with lids.

“I’m just so surprised it happened twice.” said Heather Cole of Missouri Lawyers Weekly

Cole found more papers last week. The papers included a list of old contest winners.

“There was a woman who won a $10,000 shopping spree and she had a W9 in there that included her social security number.”said Heather Cole.

Read more in the Chicago Tribune.

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