CVS Caremark Abuses Medical Info To Compete Unfairly, Class Claims

Bridget Freeland reports that a complaint mentioned on this blog previously has now become a class action lawsuit in North Carolina:

CVS Caremark, the nation’s dominant pharmacy chain, uses and abuses the patient information it gets from handling prescriptions from competing pharmacies, by selling the information to drug companies and using it to solicit rivals’ medical customers, independent pharmacies claim a federal class action. They say Caremark also violates state law by abusing its status as a pharmacy benefits manager to deny non-CVS customers coverage or reimbursement unless they get their refills at a CVS pharmacy.

Read more on Courthouse News.

Another lawsuit against CVS was filed in Texas in October.

CVS has had a number of complaints about it concerning HIPAA or privacy violations and it seems that its settlements with the FTC, HHS, and Indiana Attorney General were clearly not the end of their legal challenges.

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