cwn site updates and news nov2011

Hey all, once again cwn has gone through some changes to make the reading experience better for everyone. So far we have relocated to a new webhost, who i must say is absolutely awesome and they deserve a mention, so visit them now :). On top of that we have rebuilt our orginal newspaper theme and made it a bit more modern, added some colors and changed our logo a tiny bit. Some features from the site are still missing and im currently working on making them permanent features and not just plugins. these are the voting features, reporting features and basic content submissions. With the new design always comes a haters and lovers, and many seem to hate the new logo and header. If you can do any better and want to spend the time to make us a new design for the header we are more then happy to accept any help with that, just contact us via email or DM on twitter. We are also still open for anyone to come join and write for us, once again just contact us via email or DM on twitter. Also we have purchased SSL and the .net domain, the .net domain will be a network home page soon and the website will be forced to use SSL for that extra layer of security. We are also slowly building a wiki around the news of our site. Also we have finally got around to following back all our twitter fans, its taken some time but if we missed you shout out and i can fix that problem. Thanks to all who donated and stayed behind us over the past few months, lets hope the next few are going to be way better. <3 and peace to all. Cheers, Lee

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