Cyber-crooks menacing hospitals are put under the microscope

John Leyden reports:

Cybercriminals are spreading into the healthcare sector even though the price per stolen medical record remains lower than for comparable financial account crime.

From hospitals becoming victims of hacking attacks to Olympic champions getting their health records leaked by hackers, the health sector has become a major target for cybercrime.

The most lucrative cybercrime targeting healthcare industry data is aimed at stealing industrial secrets from pharmaceutical or biotech firms. There’s a “concerted effort” by cybercriminals to recruit health care industry insiders as accomplices in these thefts. Efforts to recruit insiders are far from subtle and can brazen online ads and offers sent through social media, according to a new study (PDF) by Intel Security.

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A lot of the examples in the Intel Security report are based on incidents involving TheDarkOverlord that were previously reported on this site and other sites. As such, the report does include some misinformation or lies TheDarkOverlord told media outlets, including this site.

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