Cyber Security Operations Centre Assessment Of Anonymous in Australia

since confirmed fake. The Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) has had a document released that details what they think they know about Anonymous in Australia and various other details and operations. In the document that’s dated 25th august 2011 is very basic information about Operations that lead back into 2008. They also claim to of singled out 150 “high” commanding Anons; which anyone that is tied to or knows anonymous properly is a load of bullshit. They also attempt to “dox” some anonymous who have ties to Australian protesting and online hacktivity, This is lame; they have failed very hard with these finding and it shows how the Anonymous effect is working on governments all around the world. Now CyberWarNews is owned and run by an Australian so this topic is hot for us; we sit here laughing at this stupid release and its lame attempt to label anonymous. In the document it states that Anonymous is a great threat to Australia and the stability of its security overall. further more they have called for law authorites to “gain trust” of Australian anonymous.

Further monitoring and penetration of Anonymous cells needs to be carried out by the law enforcementcommunity. It is recommended that the law enforcement community conduct investigations intoAnonymous by gaining the trust of Anonymous members and joining in their activitie

Anyways here is the document; Thanks to cyberguerrilla.infoFor this release. Also to all Australian Protestors please DM me via Twitter I would like to help Support u in anyway possible. @Cyber_War_News

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