Cyberattack on a Breton municipality: private data released

The following is a Google translation of a post originally published in French by Europe1 with AVP:

The town of Betton (Ille-et-Vilaine), close to Rennes, was the victim of a cyberattack by hackers who disseminated personal data due to the municipality’s refusal to pay a “ransom”, according to corroborating sources. The “ransomware” attack was committed on the night of August 30 to 31 by a group called Medusa which had already targeted the town of Sartrouville (Yvelines) two weeks earlier by the same process. The attack had encrypted “all data” on the computer system to make it inaccessible and also allowed hackers to steal data, explains the town hall of Betton (12,500 inhabitants) in a press release released on Monday.

The pirates demanded a ransom of $100,000, which the town refused to pay. 

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