Cyberattacker demands ransom from Northern Colorado utility

Pat Ferrier reports:

When employees of the Fort Collins Loveland Water District and South Fort Collins Sanitation District got to work the morning of Feb. 11, they were locked out of technical and engineering data and drawings stored on their computers.

The districts had fallen victim to a ransomware cyber attack, the second in two years, General Manager Chris Matkins said. Hackers were holding the data hostage and demanding a ransom payment before they’d unlock the information.

Matkins won’t say how big the ransom demand was or how payment was to be made. “It’s not something we will talk about,” he said. “It didn’t have any bearing on how we responded.”

Fort Collins Loveland Water never considered paying the ransom and within about three weeks was able to unlock the data on its own, Matkins said.

Read more on The Coloradoan.

Thanks to “Russy” for this link.  Russy also sent a link to this James Perse notification, which seems all-too-familiar in its description:

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