Cyberattacks: Karakurt makes a comeback with a bang

The following is a machine translation of an article by Valéry Rieß-Marchive:

“A lot of May leaks are coming”. This is the message displayed in large print on the front page of Karakurt’s new showcase site. And he is not alone. It is accompanied by the announcement of future disclosures of data concerning 10 hitherto unknown victims. All are scheduled for the month of July. One of them concerns a Parisian law firm.

But the showcase is not content with that. Some known victims of Karakurt are, not surprisingly, present there, such as Welco, Forterra, TVS Logistics, CoreNet Global, Mediagistic or Charles River Apparel. But others are not. And many were hitherto unknown… more than thirty, in total.

Read more at LeMagIT.

One of the more surprising listings on KaraKurt’s site is Shields Healthcare, a breach that reportedly impacted 56 entities and approximately 2 million patients.

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