Cybercrime Targeting Higher Education: What Needs To Be Done

Sue Smith reports:

Logicalis US, an international business IT solution provider, shared important insights this week about how cybercriminals are targeting colleges and universities, plus advice on four ways these institutions can strengthen their cybersecurity programs.

Over the past 10 years, we have reported on countless retailers, credit bureaus, insurance companies and other businesses hit by hackers, with millions of customer data records breached. The IT security pros at Logicalis pose the question “What could be worse?” Well, there’s a simple two-word answer, they say: Higher Education.

Read more on Sci-Tech Today. has been reporting on breaches in higher education and vulnerabilities in higher education sites for years – pretty much to no avail. The Sci-Tech Today article may be especially timely as TheDarkOverlord claims to have hit at least one university:

And if they’ve publicly claimed to have hit one, how many others have they also hit?

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