Cybersecurity Bill in U.S. Senate Seeks Industry Rules to Thwart Hackers (update 1)

Chris Stromm reports:

Companies running computer networks essential to U.S. economic and national security would be required to better defend their systems from spies, hackers and terrorists under bipartisan Senate legislation unveiled today.

The bill calls for identifying vital information networks and setting security requirements for companies and government agencies. Lawmakers and regulators say rules are needed to fight increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks capable of disrupting power grids, banks and communications networks.

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Update of Feb. 15: I don’t know if the Senate is still planning to bring this to the floor tomorrow morning, but the text of the bill still isn’t available. The Hill reports that Sen. Reid intends to bring the bill to the floor within the next few weeks, skipping any committee markups.  I’ve uploaded the pre-publication version of the bill here.

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