Cybersecurity incident shuts down TUSD internet, network services (updated)

Update of February 10, 2023:  Royal Ransomware Group has claimed responsibility for the attack so that is now confirmed. They also uploaded 5 GB of files, which they claim is 2% of what they exfiltrated.

Genesis Lara reports:

A  “cybersecurity incident” on Tucson Unified School District’s technology network shut down the district’s internet and network services, the district said Monday.

“We are actively working to correct the issue and have notified all the appropriate authorities,” said TUSD Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo in a written statement.

All TUSD schools will continue their regular school schedules, he said.


Update: This seems to be a ransomware attack by Royal. According to KOLD’s reporting:

Early Monday, staff across the district found a letter in their printers. The letter said the system was hit by Royal ransomware and the district’s data was allegedly encrypted and copied.

Read more at KOLD, via Brett Callow.

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  1. Mercedez Speer - February 6, 2023

    Closing the schools until network is fully back up for us/students would be a smarter choice since they’re beginning to sell our information and use it as profit. Printers began to print out the hacker messages so shut the schools down for a while. If I was a parent I’d rather not send my child or anyone’s child to a school with what they relay on most with it not being there. If school taught more on how to be better in the real world I’d maybe like school more but I still hate it after 10 years. Thank you for reading.

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