CZ: Asbis hit by ransomware, working to recover

Matěj Čuchna reports (translation):

 The Czech branch of Asbis is recovering from a ransomware attack in which data was stolen and internal systems were paralyzed.

The ransomware attack was carried out by a group of hackers organized in early April. It has managed to steal and encrypt internal data and now threatens to publish it if it does not receive a ransom. Asbis rejects this possibility and cooperates with the police and other authorities.

Asbis is a distributor of consumer electronics and IT products and solutions in central and eastern Europe. Asbis CZ’s CEO,  Petr Jandik, answered some questions from ChannelWorld about the cyberattack and its impact. You can read it on ChannelWorld. found Asbis CZ listed on the leak site belonging to Avaddon threat actors. The threat actors posted a number of files as samples of what they claim to have accessed and exfiltrated and threaten to publish more and to hit the firm with a DDoS attack to further cripple it if their demands are not met. In his answers to ChannelWorld, Jandik indicated that they had not given in to the threat actors’ demands.

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