D-Link fights back against ‘baseless’ data security lawsuit

Corinne Reichert reports:

Cause of Action Institute has announced that it will be defending D-Link against the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s “unwarranted and baseless” lawsuit claiming that the technology company put thousands of customers at risk of unauthorised access by failing to secure its IP cameras and routers.

The FTC should not be able to “bring a lawsuit on the mere potential of a data security breach”, Cause of Action Institute assistant VP Patrick Massari argued, as this would stifle innovation and uptake of the Innovation of Things (IoT).

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Regular readers may recognize Cause of Action’s name from the FTC v. LabMD case, where CoA represented LabMD pro bono. They more recently filed an amicus brief on behalf of physicians supporting LabMD in its Eleventh Circuit case against the FTC. It is therefore no great surprise that they would be willing to jump into another FTC data security enforcement case, where at least one of the issues is the same that has been raised in LabMD v. FTC.

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