Feb 122010

Daedalus Books has notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office that in December, it had discovered that there had been unauthorized access to a database with customer information including names, addresses, and credit card numbers. The breach affected only those customers who placed orders on the company’s web site between August 25, 2009 and November 23, 2009.

Although the company set up a toll-free hotline to assist those affected, it does not seem to have offered them any free credit monitoring services.

Update of 4-16-2010: In its notification to NYS in February, the company indicated that 1,285 NYS residents were among those affected.

  One Response to “Daedalus Books notifies online customers of security breach”

  1. Notification came about 2 months and $260.00 late for me. Had to cancel the account and start a new one. My inbox has been stuffed with solicitations every day since. Daedalus sent an e-form letter in response to my complaint. Not much comfort there.

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