Darkode back online: Hacker forum moves to dark web weeks after global arrests

Shades of whack-a-mole.

David Gilbert reports:

Darkode, the black market where hackers buy and sell malware, is back less than two weeks after it was seized by the FBI and taken offline.

On 14 July, a joint operation by the FBI, Europol, the US Department of Justice and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), as well as over a dozen national police forces, resulted in the arrests of 28 people around the world, bringing the total number of arrests related to Darkode to 70 in 20 different countries – including five in the UK.


On 26 July, what looks like a holding site returned at darkode.cc with the message from Sp3cial1st that seems to suggest the new Darkode, when it launches fully, will be only available on the Tor network and that each user will will be given their own onion address to the forum – a rather sophisticated way of securing the site.

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