DARPA to start checking your email for threats

well this is no surprise but armytimes.com is reporting that DARPA has released a statement to them stating that they are in the progress of building a new email threat system that will monitor their internal email network. Other then stating the above they wouldn’t release any further details on the project or how far it will go or who it will be exactly targeting etc. This is clearly yet another step within the American military to control every aspect of their soldiers life’s. Its a breach of privacy and should not be allowed as any form of email monitoring that has not been accepted to by the emails owner should be classed as illegal. In the original post they state that this will help detect leaks like the wiki leaks leaks stuff or internal spying from extremist networks. https://www.armytimes.com/news/2011/12/military-darpa-email-surveillance-122111w/

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