Apr 242018

Connor Sheets reports:

A data breach may have resulted in the exposure of the personal and protected health information of patients of a medical lab chain with multiple Alabama locations.

American Esoteric Laboratories announced Friday that it had become aware of a “data security incident” that could impact patients’ data security.

An AEL employees’ company-issued laptop was stolen on Oct. 15, the company said in a press release. The laptop may have contained sensitive information about “some AEI patients and their payment guarantors,” according to the company.

Read more on AL.com.

I can’t find the press release online at this time, but do they explain when they first learned of the theft? Was it discovered October 15, 2017 and it just took them until now to notify people, or did they only first learn of the theft recently, and if so, why the delay in discovery?  We need more details on this one.


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