Data Breaches Cost Hospitals $6B Yearly

Dom Nicastro writes:

Hospitals spend $6 billion annually because of data breaches, and Federal regulations enacted under the HITECH Act have not improved the safety of patient records research from The Ponemon Institute shows.

Among the data security and privacy research firm’s findings:

  • Hospitals are not protecting patient data
  • Hospitals admit to being vulnerable to a data breach
  • Breaches of patient information are occurring frequently and often go unreported, putting patients’ privacy at risk
  • A small percentage of healthcare organizations rely on security technologies to prevent and detect data breach incidents
  • Federal regulations—HITECH—have not improved the safety of patient records

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  1. Anonymous - November 6, 2010

    No surprise. Privacy officials usually sit in their office or focus just on training. Privacy officials need to spend time in the field. See what is going on in their organization. To many times talk with privacy officials that sit and want to be lawyers. Protecting PHI is a hands on excessive.

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