Data breaches reported so far this year have surpassed full-year 2020

Jessica Kim  Cohen reports:

The latest data from the Human Services Department’s Office for Civil Rights show the largest number of healthcare data breaches in a year since regulators started tallying them in 2010. This year’s total beat last year’s by a single incident. These breaches didn’t affect as many patients as the worst year on record. Nearly 43 million patients’ data were compromised in 2021, fewer than half the number recorded in 2015, when bad actors accessed confidential information on 112.5 million people. This year did see more data breaches than the previous two years, however.

Read more at Modern Healthcare (subscription required).  But keep in mind that those figures are based solely on HHS’s public breach tool. Keep an eye out for Protenus’s annual Breach Barometer for more data from more sources.

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