Data, data everywhere…

Yesterday, and as previously noted on this site, 173,891 breached accounts from PHP Freaks forum were dumped.

Last night, @Cyber_War_News tweeted that approximately 1 million accounts from the 000webhosting hack had shown up on the dark web. It’s a reasonable bet that the 12+million other accounts will also show up.

This morning, @haveibeenpwned tweeted that 620,677 accounts from Final Fantasy Shrine had been dumped. Troy Hunt notes:

In September 2015, the Final Fantasy discussion forum known as FFShrine was breached and the data dumped publicly. Approximately 620k records were released containing email addresses, IP addresses and salted hashes of passwords.

But wait, there’s more. Troy also reported 3,122,898 breached accounts from MPGH:

In October 2015, the multiplayer game hacking website MPGH was hacked and 3.1 million user accounts disclosed. The vBulletin forum breach contained usernames, email addresses, IP addresses and salted hashes of passwords.

And the hits just keep on coming. Will users become numb to the all-too-frequent breaches involving their information (if they haven’t become numb already).

How are you checking to see if your data have been compromised?

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