Data Hack Hits Alumni of Harvard-Westlake Private School

Gary Baum reports:

Students’ confidential academic files were hacked and exposed at Los Angeles private school Harvard-Westlake. Archived SAT scores, GPAs, transcripts and college recommendation letters were downloaded, then sent to a group of parents and the school newspaper, as well as The Hollywood Reporter.

The materials encompass approximately 150 alumni who graduated over the past decade.

Read more on The Hollywood Reporter. If you keep reading the article, you discover that this was a breach involving Naviance, the counseling platform they had used between 2012-2020. One other detail of note: the unknown threat actor had obtained the Naviance username and password of a senior school administrator.  Given how often access is sold on forums, one wonders when the last time the administrator had changed their login prior to the attack — and whether there was any 2FA or MFA involved.

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