Data leak at Blackberry?

Stumbled across this thread from today. Am inserting what the acronyms means for the benefit of non-Blackberry users:

Thread: Security Breach in Myaccount

“I have 12 other companies listed under my portal. So much for security….

When I log in and go to enterprise license management, I see a list of other numbers in addition to my company’s. I can click on another company and view their name and CAL [Client Access License] information. This is a major breach in my opinion.

I am currently taking screen shots per BB’s direction.”

Another poster responded:

The migration of BBAC [BlackBerry Account Center] and BESC [BlackBerry® Expert Support Center] to myaccount has gone terribly wrong.

BlackBerry is aware of it and are working on a solution.

FYI: Under my account licenses I suddently could see some Asian bank keys listed… :-0

To which the original poster responded:

Terribly wrong is an understatement. I currently am able to access six companies and see their license keys.

You can find the thread here.

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