Data of soldiers, patients found on P2P

The personal information of 200,000 soldiers and 20,245 hospital patients, along with other critical data from government networks, is being made to the public through peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, according to testimony yesterday at a hearing of the House Government and Oversight Committee.

The security breach included data like names, Social Security Numbers, addresses, illnesses, next of kin, employer and insurance provider information for the soldiers and patients, according to Robert Boback, CEO of P2P research company Tiversa, who testified during yesterday’s hearing.

But those weren’t the only revelations of sensitive data appearing on the file-sharing networks. Other data available on P2P networks included over 2 million tax returns, according to Thomas Sydnor II, senior fellow and director of the Center for the Study of Digital Property, Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF).


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