Data on 198M voters exposed by RNC contractor

It’s somewhat unbelievable how this keeps happening and Congress continues to sit on its hands when it comes to voter registration data. The Russians don’t need to hack anything. They just need to look for leaky servers or buckets.

Joe UChill reports:

A data analytics contractor employed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) left databases containing information on nearly 200 million potential voters exposed to the internet without security, allowing anyone who knew where to look to download it without a password.

“We take full responsibility for this situation,” said the contractor, Deep Root Analytics, in a statement.

The databases were part of 25 terabytes of files contained in an Amazon cloud account that could be browsed without logging in. The leaky account was discovered by researcher Chris Vickery of the security firm UpGuard. The files have since been secured.

Read more on The Hill.

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