Data Security: SK Communications Data Breach Due To “Cheap” Foreign Antivirus Software

Sang Lee provides a follow-up on the SK Communications hack that affected 35 million South Koreans, covered previously on this blog:


According to South Korean media, the Korean Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications released a report yesterday noting that, of the 50 or so antivirus software available in the Korean market, SK Comm used Norton from Symantec.

Per the articles covering the issue, the specific malware that caused the SK Comm breach was detected by five particular antivirus solutions.  Norton was not part of that group of five.  However, it appears that Norton is less expensive than some solutions that were tested.

This prompted the Committee to slam SK Comm for using “cheap” foreign antivirus software and accused it of being pennywise and pound foolish.  And by slammed SK Comm I mean they brought in the CEO and told it to his face.


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