Data stolen from 95,000 credit card customers

Kim Mi-ju reports:

A single information trafficker managed to steal the personal data of more than 95,000 Korean credit card users – and sell it to thieves who created cloned credit cards, police said Sunday.

Police said a Romanian used the Internet to install spyware in point-of-sale systems at 36 large discount stores, restaurants and gas stations in Korea, then stole card information from 95,266 customers last August. The Romanian sold the data to Malaysian traffickers, who in turn sold part of it to four men whom police arrested Sunday.


Police said 943 credit cards were cloned and used to charge 677 million won in 49 countries. The losses will be borne by the issuing credit card companies and banks, which in turn may seek reimbursement from the card-reading companies whose system the hacker broke.

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