Database with personal info on 33M apparently breached

Joe Uchill reports:

A database of information on 33 million people was leaked to a researcher, apparently breached from a large business services company.

Troy Hunt, who runs the website “Have I Been Pwned” that lets users check if their data has been pilfered, reported receiving the database in a blog post. Hunt did initial analysis of the data.

The file is 52 gigabytes, containing names, employment information including salary, and contact information including phone number, email and physical addresses.

According to Hunt’s analysis, more than 100,000 of those records came from Department of Defense personnel. Another 90,000 came from the United States Post Office, and tens of thousands each at IBM, Wal-Mart, Ohio State University, ATT and more.

Read more on The Hill, and do read Troy’s post on his blog and Zack Whittaker’s post on ZDNet.

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