David Morgan Hacked 24000+ Accounts Leaked by @p0keu

Clothing and items supplier David Morgan has had its website hacked and a huge amount, 24,000+ accounts leaked online. The attack comes from p0keu and all accounts have encrypted passwords. Pokeu makes note that some of these are government and military affiliated email accounts, and as we have seen in the past no doubt these people use repeat passwords. Original leak message.

Ohai, still out there bringing you freshly dumped data from all over the world wide web. This one is a bit special, the dump is from an online shop called David Morgan (davidmorgan.com). They’re supposed to be this "secure online catalog", but I guess they aren’t? Lulz! Pro tip: Search for .mil, .gov, .edu etc for nice findings.. .mil count: 71 .gov count: 76 Using your work e-mail on unsecured websites could result in your work e-mail getting pwnd, kthx. So over to the login credentials, there are over 24 thousand credentials. Username (E-mail) : Password (Hashed) >>> Download link: https://anonfiles.com/cdn/1326668382909.txt <<< I aint putting the login credentials right on pastebin, as they’ll just remove them..

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