DaVita burglary: patient info stolen

For what appears to be the second time this year, DVA Renal Healthcare (DaVita) has had to notify current or former patients that their data was stolen.

In the most recent incident, a DaVita facility in Florida was burglarized and desktop computers were stolen. Although the computers were reportedly password-protected, there was no assertion that the data were encrypted. By letter to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office dated November 7th, the company reported that on October 2, the company was able to confirm that patients’ Social Security numbers were on the stolen computers.

Although the total number of patients affected was not divulged in the notification, 354 Maryland residents were affected.

In its draft notification letter to affected patients, the company writes:

The documents may have contained your name, social security number, medical insurance coverage information, and/or other personal and health-related information.

As in the previously reported incident, the company did not offer affected patients any free credit monitoring services.

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