Day 1, Hacking Rampage Across Canada by @TeamDigi7al

A relatively new team @TeamDigi7al has been on a spree the last few days attacking high profile targets and dumping information along the way. Before the most recent attacks on the World Health Org and Toronto Police Department they had also released a package which they call day 1 in the following statement "Well heres day 1 of our lulz crusade across canada" and in saying that all targeted site were .ca. In the package is 9 different parts that are split up into folders for each attack, most of which are XSS and proof of the attack with a few having data dumps. below is a list of the targets, also the was part of this leak to. University of British Columbia Resources Canada Contains 2x vuln links. Canadian Army XSS and deface, can be viewed in gallery. Legislative Assembly of PEI XSS can be viewed in gallery. Science and Technology for Canadians XSS can be viewed in gallery. **Service de police de la Ville de Montréal ** XSS can be viewed in gallery. The package also comes with a message file with the below message.

Hello Mr.Harper, and any passerbys reading this message. In the past few months, the conservatives backed by companies and various people in the House of Commons, have tried to pass a handful of bills that are a disgrace to Canada, and jepordize the security of everyone in the country. Two notable bills are C-11, and C-30; While C-30 was recently announced that it will go back to the drawing board, C-11, and others still remaining ever lasting presence on the battlefield. Much like SOPA in the US which was morphed into the god-awful CISPA, the same will happen to Canada. C-30 will be back under a different name, different ideas, and a different time and place. Oh wait doesn’t that already sound familiar? Bill C-51 ring a bell? Maybe it doesn’t maybe it does, go look it up and you will see what deceitful plans the Conservatives are up too. Many of these bills have been planned behind the backs of every Canadian. So in response to this, a portion of the internet underground has waited in the dark, breaching your servers, harvesting your data and patiently waiting. Waiting for that moment to strike, and embarass the goverment of Canada. You embarrased your people with these bills, so we embarass you and your security. We are targetting all organizations belonging to the Canadian government that we can get our hands on. This includes websites belonging to military, government, and educational organizations all across Canada. This is not a joke, you will see that we are serious. So, without staling any further and try to come up with some more vague political jibber jabber, I present to you, the Holy Lulz Crusade of Canada. What is this you may ask? Well it is quite simple, it is a Crusade in search of laughter, good times, and to spread a message. And most importantly, to cause some good ol’ fashion chaos, internet style 😀 Great lulz were derived from the pitiful security of webservers belonging to the canadian government and different universities around the country. This is not a single man project, I am joined by my fellow crew members to complete this epic quest. They were Sp3ctrum10, Ichi, Th1nkT0k3n, and M4D_D4SH. Without them this would not have been possible at all! So a massive amount of kudos, props, and thanks goes to them. Everyone worked hard and we got shit done. I would also like to give a shoutout to the rest of Team Digi7al, you da best 😀 I hope you enjoy looking at this data as much as we enjoyed getting it. Enjoy! Special shoutout: Harper, we are coming for your bases 😉 Written By: S1ngularity Follow me at:!/RuneGoldTrim Follow Team Digi7al at:!/TeamDigi7al Follow Th1nkTok3n at:!/Th1nkT0k3n NOTE: This operation has no affiliation with Anonymous, lulzec, Antisec, or any of the splinter cell groups. Data: For our first dump we are releasing data from Health Council Canda (note: HCC is a very large database, and since Th1nkt0k3n didn’t want to continue dumping it, I may continue to do so. So I may continue to pull data from it in the days to come.) We are also releasing data from various subdomains belonging to UBC. We also have the database layout to To supplement the data, we have XSS and a deface on, and XSS on,, and NOTE ON XSS There will be an XSS folder with only a text file containing vuln XSS links. We didn’t carry out the XSS as we had quite a large amount of other things to do.

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