D.C. Mistakenly Sends Out 2,400 Students’ Personal Data

Bill Turque of The Washington Post reports one of those email attachment errors that frankly, have been all too common. How about routinely sending a test email before sending the real one to check to see what people will be receiving? Would that be so darned hard to do?

The District agency that handles college financial aid requests said today that it had accidentally e-mailed personal information from 2,400 student applicants to more than 1,000 of those applicants.

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) said it has notified all students of the breach, which occurred when an employee of the agency’s Higher Education Financial Services Program inadvertently attached an Excel spreadsheet to an e-mail. The information released included student names, e-mail and home addresses, phone and Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

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