DE: City administration Angermünde temporarily unavailable

The following is a translation of a notice on Angermünde’s web site:

The city administration of Angermünde is initially closed for all administrative services until April 7th, 2021. This affects all administrative areas including the citizens’ office and registry office. The reason is a hacker attack that damaged the entire IT system of the administration. All administrative staff cannot be reached via e-mail for the time being. Appointments cannot currently be arranged either.

In addition, the telephone systems of all branch offices are affected by the disruptions. The administrative part in Heinrichstraße, the city archive, the after-school facilities “Am Mündesee” and “Abenteuerland” as well as the municipal daycare centers in Kerkow, Greiffenberg, Neukünkendorf, Frauenhagen and Crussow cannot be reached by telephone for the time being. You can reach the municipal after-school care centers using the usual mobile phone numbers. The central telephone number 03331-260013 can still be reached.

The massive technical malfunctions were caused by an encryption Trojan that damaged the city administration’s system. The city’s IT department is currently working with a specialist company to restore the data and the system.

Important: The vaccination appointments on March 31, 2021 in the Angermünde town hall will take place as agreed. 

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