De: Drugstore Schlecker customer information exposed on web

German drugstore chain Schlecker has suffered a major online data breach, with the names, addresses and profiles of about 150,000 customers being exposed on the internet, the company announced Friday.

A spokesman for the firm confirmed media reports that the personal data of online customers had for an unspecified time found their way onto the internet and were available to any web user.

However, account numbers and passwords were never vulnerable, the spokesman said.

The mistake had not been Schlecker’s but rather had been made by an external service provider, he said. The error had since been fixed and the data no longer available online.

Daily Bild reported that the first and second names, the addresses, genders, email addresses and customer profiles were all accessible. A further 7.1 million email addresses of customers receiving the firm’s newsletter were also available, the paper reported.

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