DE: EDAG Engineering Group AG affected by cyber attack

DGAP reports:

Several EDAG Group companies were targeted by a cyber attack on the night of March 12th to 13th.

In accordance with the emergency protocol, all affected IT network systems were shut down immediately. In accordance with the protocol, the IT crisis team called on all the necessary internal and external technical experts to determine the origin, scope and extent of the attack and to ward off further attacks. 

Read more on DGAP, via @Chum1ng0.

A statement on EDAG’s site reads:

On March 13, 2021, EDAG became the target of an organized cyber-attack, which affected the IT-Network.

Several subsidiaries of EDAG Engineering Group AG were targeted in a focused cyber-attack in the night of March 13, 2021. The existing EDAG-system landscape was partially affected.

As a preventive measure to protect our customers, employees and partners, the necessary steps were taken immediately to counter the attack with objective-oriented measures.

Our IT task force is working with external cyber security experts and forensic data analysts under high pressure to reinstall normal operation mode. Simultaneously, investigative authorities were informed.

In line with our transparent communications policy, we will keep our customers, partners and employees posted.

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