De: Grocer Tegut is the target of a cyber attack

Osthessen reports that the supermarket chain Tegut has suffered a cyberattack by unknown persons. Tegut operates more than 280 supermarkets in six areas of Germany.

Tegut has posted a prominent notice about the attack on its web site. In translation, it says:

Strangers have carried out a so-called cyber attack on the company’s IT network. All IT network systems at the headquarters were then shut down in accordance with the emergency plan and taken from the network. This affects, among other things, the merchandise management programs that control scheduling in logistics. This can occasionally lead to bottlenecks in the availability of goods.

Otherwise there are currently no impairments for customers. The tegut … crisis team has informed the security authorities and is currently working flat out with IT experts to restore normal operations. As a result of this measure, the e-mail server was also taken offline, so no written inquiries can currently be sent to the company by e-mail.

Matthias Pusch
Head of Corporate Communications

There is no indication as to what type of attack this was and what any ransom demand may have been.


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