De: Pearl takes online shop offline after cyberattack

Pearl is a German mail-order company that sells  electronics and computers, cameras, clothing, jewelry, and games. Now, it’s a mail-order company without an online shop.

Spiegel reports (translation):

On June 5, 2021, the IT systems of Pearl GmbH were attacked by hackers who had access to servers and virtual machines,” writes the company from Buggingen in Baden-Württemberg, without giving any information on whether it was on the extorted train of a ransomware attack. “Our IT experts immediately blocked all access as a precautionary measure, disconnected network access and shut down servers and systems to prevent further damage.” The company’s online store was also taken offline as a precautionary measure.

Screencap by
Translation of Pearl’s web site notice.

Spiegel also reports:

According to Pearl, so far there is no indication that data was copied or that customer data was compromised in the attack. “At this time, we cannot say when we will be back to normal operations,” the company announced. “But we are on the right track!”

Pearl has not been listed on any dedicated leak sites — at least, not yet. DataBreaches. net will continue to monitor the incident.

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