Dear EDUCAUSE Security Maillist – some advice from Abdilo

When someone who’s either hacked your databases or is likely to hack them in the future tells you how to prevent his type of attacks, you might want to pay some attention. Seen on Pastebin, as posted by Abdilo:

Dear EDUCAUSE Security Mail-list,

( Good luck profiling me <3 )

How to stop me from owning your shit:
Read this:

Spend 10 minutes google dorking your own site: ext:asp OR ext:aspx OR ext:cfm OR ext:jsp OR ext:do OR ext:php
Write down what extensions you have.
Then do this: ext:asp inurl:asp*id (Do this for the rest of the extensions as well)
then test each result for sqli, and put -filenameyouauditted and continue.
Viola you have just found sqlis in your sites and now follow to fix them.

Now for the hard truth:
you cannot secure from sql injections, xsses, rces, lfis, rfis, or any kind of vuln
you let me upload shells via any upload script you have on your site(Even if its in admin it is still a risk)
you give me database admin
you give me xp_cmdshell as nt authority
you run mysqld as root
you give your subdomains database admin (Ever wonder how china gets your medical records?)
you dont check your subdomain’s access.log (I’ve had a subdomain on one of the more “secure” edu websites dump for 3 months straight and you could of caught me if you checked access.log 🙂 )
you leave CFIDE open and vulnerable
you run outdated kernels
you run outdated versions of php and apache
you are lazy
you check nothing
you audit nothing
you trust ids too much
you do not listen because your egos are too big(If you call up one a uni and say they are vuln to sqli they scream “NO WE ARE NOT”)
Dont set your ids to australia, i use vpses to dump the dbs not my aussie ip(8kbp/s is not great for dumping dbs LOL), i dont use tor either when i dump dbs, i use my vps/dedi ips.

Towards your idiotic remarks about having friends in afp…. that was pathetic and i laughed for 10 mins almost falling onto the ground:
You are a bunch of kids yelling for the principal when someone tricked you into telling them your crush, they didnt release this info but you are still as mad that they know who it is.
Instead of learning from it you leave yourself vulnerable to other attackers.
I can go to prison and there will still be hundreds of other people stealing your dbs.
I have taught a select few people my exact ways, and they themselves can go pwn your edu sites within minutes just like me.
I would not exists if your security was not based from 1990s principles.
Please for the love of god learn to fix your sites!!!(Go ask @TroyHunt to help you secure your sites if you cannot understand bobbytables).
Tip for those using msaccess:
put some long as hell random prefix on your tables and columns that way no one can figure out the names and thus you loose little to no data when you get sqlied message me if you want the sqli, you are the only uni I respect. illy for publicly announcing you got sqli’d, but check your subdomains you are still vuln to sqli <3.

Edu security from shittest to best:

As for me, fuck your edus i have owned them all, im done with your idiotic “security”, in a year or so i will come back and audit them all, except i will go and drop your damn tables and format your drives, i suggest fixing your sites before then.(I cannot stop other people from going and raeping your sites, only you can)



Use this song as a timeframe for you to find sqlis in your site:
If you fail to find sqlis before then, then you are slower then all the people i have taught

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