Decrypted: How bad was the US Capitol breach for cybersecurity?

Zack Whittaker reports on concerns that were raised after the massive security failure at the Capitol that resulted in attackers having access to papers, hard drives and more. Zack reiterates some comforting thoughts that were offered on Twitter in the aftermath of the rampage:

Most lawmakers don’t have ready access to classified materials, unless it’s for their work sitting on sensitive committees, such as Judiciary or Intelligence. The classified computers are separate from the rest of the unclassified congressional network and in a designated sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIFs, in locked-down areas of the Capitol building.

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There will certainly be a lot to look into, though, including the emergency lockdown of the digital infrastructure. And as Politco reports, at least one Senator’s laptop was stolen. What was on it?

The security of the House’s intranet is something that commented on in 2018 in the context of reporting on two data leaks due to misconfigurations that this site tried to inform the House about. See No need for Russia to hack the House of Representatives if the House keeps leaving its doors open for more on those leaks.  Hopefully, they had upped their security since then.

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