“Delpiero” to be extradited to U.S. by Malaysia

The Criminal Court on Thursday decided to extradite a Malaysian suspected computer hacker to the United States for further legal action.

Gooi Kokseng, alias Delpiero, 44, is wanted by the US for being a member of a gang of credit cards data hackers which had committed computer crime in the US and Southeast Asia causing more than US$150 million or about 5,000 million baht.

The man was arrested in Thailand on Jan 13 last year after the US made a request through the Foreign Ministry.

Gooi Kokseng is to be detained for 30 days before being extradited under the Thai-US extradition treaty.

Source: Bangkok Post.

Kokseng was one of a number of people indicted in August 2008 as part of the massive indictments that also included Albert Gonzalez:

In addition, an indictment against Hung-Ming Chiu and Zhi Zhi Wang, both of the People’s Republic of China, and a person known only by the online nickname “Delpiero,” was also unsealed in San Diego today. Chiu, Wang and Delpiero are charged with conspiracy to possess unauthorized access devices, trafficking in unauthorized access devices, trafficking in counterfeit access devices, possession of unauthorized access devices, aggravated identity theft, and aiding and abetting.

Note: some news sources show his name as Gooi Kok Seng. The photo is from naewna.com in January 2009, when he was arrested.

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