Dental Delta of Arizona discloses phishing attack possibly compromising PII and PHI

Another day, another report of a data security incident because an employee fell for a phishing attack and the entity can’t be sure whether any protected health information or PII was actually accessed.

Delta Dental of Arizona disclosed a July 8 incident this week. According to their press release, and after reiterating that they were unable to confirm any actual access, they note that the affected email account may include one or more of the following data types:

name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, Member or Subscription identification number, driver’s license number, government issued identification number, state identification number, passport number, financial account information, credit and/or debit card information, dental/treatment information, dental insurance information, digital signature, and/or username and password.

That seems like a data types for patients or plan members, and the press release doesn’t make clear exactly who was impacted by this incident. Was it just plan members, or does it include dentists or brokers?  The notice also doesn’t indicate how many individuals are being notified, and it does not appear to offer them any complimentary services.

Nor does the press release explain why this notification was issued four months after discovery of the phishing incident instead of within 60 days.  It does say that they are reviewing their policies, however.

A fuller version of the notice appears on their website. That notice provides some  clarification as to who might be affected:

This incident only affects individuals who may have done business with Delta Dental of Arizona or whose employer may have done business with Delta Dental of Arizona – not members or clients of other Delta Dental member companies. would have emailed Delta Dental of Arizona to ask for more clarification on some points, but they do not seem to have any email contact information for media or press inquiries — or even a direct phone number for media to call.  This post may be updated if more information becomes available.

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