Denver Archdiocese payroll system breached, 18,000 at risk

So which vendor was responsible for this one? The archdiocese wouldn’t answer that question when I put it to them….

Tom McGhee reports:

Authorities are investigating a data breach at the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver that put current and terminated employees, their dependents, spouses, and beneficiaries at risk of ID theft.

A third-party software provider that administers the data reported that someone had gotten into an Archdiocese payroll system and looked at W-2 information for about 80 individuals in October, said Keith Parsons, Archdiocese CFO on Tuesday.

It wasn’t clear at that time if the information was used to steal identities from the database, which also includes information about employee spouses, dependents and insurance beneficiaries, Parsons said.

Read more on Denver Post.

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