Department of Mines & Geology, Rajasthan Hacked and Rooted by HaX.R00t

content/images/gallery/pca/hacked-by-hax-r00t-pakistani-hacker_0.png The Pakistan Vs India cyber war is still strolling along at a pace where its taking down new sites every day leaving them defaced and rooted. One of the latest sites has is the Department of mines and geology, Rajasthan which was hacked by HaX.r00t, PCA, Pak Cyber army, hacker who has been very active within this cyber war. The defacing which can be seen above was still active at time of publishing

[Hacked BY Saadi n Hax.r00t ] Pak Cyber Army (PCA) Free Kashmir , How is it yours? Prove it ! Greetz : Saadi, Napsters , R4yd3n, Mr.Creepy , Mr.Freak , Mkhan , Seeker , Cyb3rRock3r PCP , Pak Cyber Pyrates ,kr4l and Liquid Sky #[Hax.r00t] keeps eye on you !

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