Destiny Software Hacked, 1,630 User Details leaked by @GoogleSWE

@GoogleSWE has submitted a fairly big attack to which has the results from being breached. The leak was has since been removed from pastebin, most likely due to personal information being published (cache). The leak contains a fairly big dump of accounts all that where stored with clear text passwords right alongside their email and username. The leak also contained a statement from the website which is a bit funny considering they store information in clear text.

We provide software solutions for Security and Patrol companies along with smaller police and public safety departments. Our services range from online reporting systems that send copies via email to supervisors or clients, GPS tracking solutions, Android based applications, parking solutions with licens plate recognition. We are totally dedicated to making the security and public safety industry more streamlined while also making a safer environment for our customers and the areas they provide services to.

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