DestructiveSec’s “Personal Piggy BANK” of 3000 cc details

Well this is fairly sad to say the least, stealing from people and using there money as a self described personal bank. Today we was alerted to a tweet by @anontastic that had a link in it leading to 3000 credit card details from germany. content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-anontastic-enjoy-near-3000-german-ccs.png After speaking to DestructiveSec we got told that is was "Our Personal Piggy "BANK" ;-)"., Anyways i do not agree with this one bit at all, as i would be very pissed off if  owned a credit card and it was used by some one else without my knowledge. Sorry but will we not be linking to this and it has been reported as abuse to pastebin. Here is a screen of some of the data, no i didn’t capture full CC details. content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-anontastic-enjoy-near-3000-german-ccs.png

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